Hello, and welcome to COMET; a for-charity Pokémon Astrology Zine!

We are currently in recovery mode following several setbacks.From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the people who have supported us.We promise you that we are committed to this journey and we will do whatever it takes to make sure these copies go to their intended homes!


COMET is an unofficial Pokémon astrology zine. This project will feature full-page illustrations, creative writing, informational text about astrology, and physical merchandise!Additional Info:

- A5 zine
- Physical and digital copies
- Full Colour
- Non-profit with a charity to be voted upon by our contributors!
- 36 page artists, 1-3 spot illustration artists, 3-4 merch artists, 1 cover artist
- 3-4 astrology writers, 3-4 fic writers

We hope to compensate all contributors with a full, physical bundle of the zine. This will depend on sales. The mod team guarantees that all contributors will receive a digital copy of the zine and any digital merch at the bare minimum.Please note that you do not need extensive knowledge of western astrology to apply. It would, however, be a nice asset to have!


We are continually updating contributors and will begin to frequently update buyers on dates, timelines and any progress we make on our journey through the cosmos!

CURRENT: Reorganising mod team

AnnouncementDecember 12Complete
Interest Check OpensJanuary 1Complete
Interest Check ClosesJanuary 29Complete
Applications OpenFebruary 6Complete
Applications CloseMarch 17Complete
Results Sent; Creation BeginsMarch 20Complete
Check-in #1April 20Complete
Check-in #2May 20Complete
Final SubmissionJune 17Complete
Formatting PeriodJune 10 - 30Complete
PreordersJuly 8 - Aug 31Complete
ProductionAugust 31Complete
Leftover Sales Cutoff




Please note this section may be out of date as it has not been a priority to revisit it

Q. Is this zine only going to be about sun signs? It would be awesome to have a section on moon signs and rising signs as well. This could be like, the ultimate Pokemon-themed astrology handbook. :D

A: That was exactly our intention with this project! We hope to be a beginners guide into astrology, so while we won't be going super in depth, we hope to become the "ultimate Pokemon-themed astrology handbook".

Q. Where will the zine ship from?

A: This zine will ship from the United States.

Q. Will anime characters be included, or will it only feature the games? Also, will trainers be the focus or the Pokemon?

A: We hope to feature a wide variety of characters from the Pokemon series. Whether it be the trainers, the Pokemon, from the anime or from the games!

Q: Will this feature only Western astrology or will other forms of astrology be present in the zine e.g. Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology?

A: This zine will feature Western astrology. Please understand that we would love this zine to be big enough to encompass all kinds of astrology, but due to the topic being as large as the skies themselves - we have to focus our efforts on only one type of astrology.

Q: I’d like to contribute as a fic writer, but I’m not sure how I’d write a fic with an astrology theme

A: Regarding written content, we have split our writers into two categories: Astrology writers and Fic writers!Astrology writers will write the informational text, the "what makes a leo a leo" content. Fic writers will create content specific to a certain element. (ex. You were assigned the Fire element, so you decided to write about Charizard).

Q: Which charity is this zine supporting?

A: We'll be donating proceeds to Room to Read, an organization that helps girls' literacy and education!